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It looks like even the dark lord of the Sith is suffering from the horrible effects of this economic downturn. Darth Vader was spotted in a Long Island, New York bank on Thursday. Vader was caught on camera holding a teller at gunpoint, and escaping, cash in hand. Why he was using a gun, and not his light saber is up to speculation.

Neither Darth Vader, or his employer Darth Sidious  have been questioned yet, but from the looks of it, Vader is struggling pretty bad.

As you can tell in this photo, Vader is wearing a less than threatening attire, camouflage pants, and no light saber. My guess is that he has been laid off from his job as Dark Lord of the Sith due to the economy, and had to turn in most of his uniform, which included his light saber.

Again, this is all up to speculation, but we may soon find out what is going on.

[Via Gothamist]

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