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Glenn Beck PwnedAbout a year ago I was working for a company that was ran by one of the biggest idiots that I have ever had the displeasure of  meeting. I was promised a hefty wage as a web designer, and 3D artist. Sounds great, right? Well a month goes by of working for them and I was yet to see a real paycheck from this idiot as they have not had any customers for websites, nor were they even trying to pull any clients as they were trying to focus too much on the computer repair side of the business. Needles to say, I left the company, and to tis day I have not been compensated for my work, nor has anyone else working for this douche. I wasn’t about to be screwed out of anything more, and that included my sanity.

How was that making me go insane? Well, not only was I not paid, but I was forced to listen to Fox News radio ALL FUCKING DAY. This alone probably should of made me go crazy even if I was getting paid, but oddly enough I was able to survive. Not only was this bad, but during the commercials Glenn Beck had to come on telling us that we  HAD TO BUY GOLD or else we’d lose everything as the value of the dollar is decreasing, and all the bull shit. I did what most sensible people do and just ignored it as best as possible.

Fast forward to August 3rd, 2010. I’ve been doing a lot of trolling in the past few hours on Sarah Palin’s Facbook page. In the process I came across Glenn Beck’s, and that led me to the following infographic that displays the true nature of this douche’s gold scheme. Observe:

Fools Gold: Inside the Glenn Beck Goldline Scheme — Infographic

This man love sucking the cocks of large corporations, nuff said.

[Infographic via The Big Picture]

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