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I don’t like to get political, but let me just say, he finally did it. Obama has finally gotten some of that change we were promised pulled out of his pockets. It took a lot of work, and overcoming false accusations, but the first step in in fixing this country has been made.

It’s been a rough road for the sick people in America. Ask any sick person how they feel about health care in this country. They will almost definitely tell you that it is terrible, and things need to change. The sick have been pushed around by insurance companies for way too long. The way it is now, insurance companies can decide if you’re too sick and drop your coverage completely. They basically tell you that you are going to die because even though you have been paying out your ass for their premiums, they will not cover your illness, and drop it right there.

What the fucking shit?

Yeah, they had that power. But with this new bill they can’t pull that trick anymore. You will be covered, and everything possible will be done to keep you alive. Boom, no more rescission!

Now that’s more like it!

Yep, don’t you worry your pretty little head fake quoted man that I just made up, everything is almost fixed!


Yeah, unfortunately this bill is not everything I expected, but it’s a start. If this bill was so hard to get passed, then the bill I want would be damn near impossible for it to get passed. What was I hoping for? Universal health care, that’s what. But I can’t see that happening for about another 15–20 years.

Let’s face it, insurance companies are some of the worst companies in existence. They take your money that you worked for, decide how much they want to cover you for, and if you don’t have the right coverage then you’re fucked, and still have to pay for all the shit that is wrong with you even though you paid the insurance company all that money in the past which was a hell of a lot more money in total than what you paid out of pocket to get yourself back to feeling better again. If we had free health care then we wouldn’t fucking need them at all. Look at all the other countries that have universal health care. They’re happy as fuck!

So why would anyone be against that? That sounds AWESOME!

I have no fucking clue. If people had a hard time getting behind this bill then just think how hard it would be to get universal health care passed. I know one thing though, a lot of lies were floating around this bill focusing on the “euthanization of the elderly”. Now if you believe that shit, you probably need euthanized anyway. I haven’t read too far into this one, but I’m going to guess it started with some idiot on Fox News like Glenn Beck or some shit. How he has any followers is beyond me, but that’s for another time.

In conclusion, this is a start in what needs to be done. Congratulations, President Obama, you did it. Keep pushing that mother fucking envelope to the limit. That’s what we truly need.

What do you guys think about the bill? Too much? Too little? Leave your response in the comments below, I’d love to hear your opinions.

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