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If there are three typefaces that I love, they are Papyrus, Algerian, and the king of the three Comic Sans. No font could ever live up to its glory as what it obviously is; most likely the most overused font in history, and that has to mean something. Like they say, “10,000 people can’t be wrong”.Vincent Connare created this typeface in 1994 for Microsoft, who needed a non-threatening font to be used in their applications to set well with comic strips, and especially 8th grader’s history reports. The font has since picked up so much steam that it is probably the most loved, and recognizable fonts to the common folk.

Because of its common usage, and placeability, I have decided to change this entire blog’s typographic essence to this enticing font. A font for the ages. A font that can be used in any situation, in any medium — logos, billboards, body copy, what have you, you cannot deny that it certainly is something.

I encourage you to use this font whenever possible. Next time you design a logo; Comic Sans. Writing your college thesis; Comic Sans. Putting together a flyer for your missing pet ocelot; Comic Freaking Sans.

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